E128 Final Project - Bumblebee

Model and animation created by: Andy Hoac Azhar Meyer Jamie Young Srikanth Kondragunta Parts modeled in Pro/Engineer Wildfire 4.0 Animated in 3D Studio Max Design 2010 Created for E128 at UC Berkeley, Spring 2010

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Bumblebee Halloween Costume 2012
2012 Halloween Costume Bumblebee 6 year old

Transformers Stop Motion - Bumble Bee VS Barricade 競速與毀滅
Follow me on Facebook : Counter656 http://full.sc/19tUzQX My video #28 on youtube, I always want to make a car racing stop motion, and here it is, see how Bumble Bee race and fight against Barricade. This video took me around 2 month of production and total around 3500 pictures. Check the behind the scenes soon in my blog: http://counter656-productions.blogspot.com 這是我在YOUTUBE上第28部影片, 變型金鋼賽車大戰, 大黃峰 VS 判官, 主要是綀習拍賽車追逐跟機器人移動的連慣動作, 整部影片約2個月完成, 共拍了約3500張照片. 如對幕後照有興趣的朋友們可以到我的巴哈小屋, 我會PO一些心得在那裡, 巴哈帳號 : bluecloud64 同時也歡迎到我的FACEBOOK逛逛: counter656 謝謝大家.

OPTIMUS Prime Transform - Short Flash Transformers Series
Autobot leader Optimus Prime Transform! the third of my short Flash Transformers Series.

Transformers Stealth Force Bumblebee y Optimus Prime
Transformers Stealth Force Bumblebee y Optimus Prime