Shock Pressure

How to check shock pressure

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Rebuilding a QA1 Circle Track Twin Tube Shock - QA1 Tech 800.721.7761 Learn to rebuild a QA1 twin tube shock in just minutes for cleaning or replacing parts. Watch Marshall take apart and put back together a shock absorber that is rebuildable and revalveable.

Penske Racing Shocks SEMA 2012
This is our SEMA 2012 video. Meet some of our dedicated engineers and technicians as they explain our industry leading racing damper technology.

I don't think I have and Nitrogen in my Shock
Here is an explanation of what to look for if you don't think you have any nitrogen left in your shock Check us out at

Vacuum Pump by Lainer Suspension racing
The best Lainer Suspension's product! Made in Italy by Lainer Suspension Racing: the designer and the builder!! This machine allowed to speed up enormously purging air inside the shock absorbers, after have cleaned and assembled all parts of shock absorbers. • Transparent double tube from bladder to Pump, without need to open compression adjustment!! • Speed of purge 4/5 minutes only!! • Many possibility of use, in base of work habits!! • Is Possible to use the Pump on the track for test session, using the same oil inside shock, only changing mode to purge. • Very small dimension (580mmx344mmx194mm), you can take with you the pump on track by comfortable handles!! • The pump is build with aluminium and stainless steel, specials fittings for vacuum, and completely Made in Italy!! • Acoustic Alert for processing ending and secure valves! It's delivered with all accessories for all shock absorbers, After Market or standard.