Shock Pressure

How to check shock pressure

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WP Shock Servicing
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Coilover and bypass shock re-gassing
How to re gas your King, sway away, Fox, Pro fender coilover and bypass shocks with nitrogen gas.

I don't think I have and Nitrogen in my Shock
Here is an explanation of what to look for if you don't think you have any nitrogen left in your shock Check us out at

How to Rebuild Shock Absorbers: Filling with Air
The shock absorber rebuild experiment continues. The rebuilt strut, filled with fresh oil, is pressurized to 50 PSI to fight foaming. You can see how I soldered a schrader valve from a tire into the outer shock tube to act as a fill port for both oil and air. Here is an excelent video from shock manufacturer Bilstein demonstrating the role of gas pressure in preventing fluid foaming: