ICS Performance Twin Turbo E36 M3

I was at ICS to watch my buddie's B6 S4 get Dynoed and they had to move the twin turbo M3 a few times so I figured why not film how it sounds and post it. This video's not that interesting since nothing really happened but at least you can hear the Exhaust. It's a Twin turbo E36 M3 by ICS Performance in Stamford, CT. The car's been Dynoed at 1142whp and 1042wtq. I don't know for sure but i'm almost positive they're going to have it running the texas mile this year and they're aiming for the 200's.

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1000hp Turbo BMW E36 M3

BMW e36 "killer bee" (1025 hp)
ICS e36 "killer bee" with 1025 hp

BMW E36 M3 and BMW E46 M3 on the Turkish Autobahn
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