97 Integra GSR Dyno Run

My Integra GSR finally getting Dyno'd for the first time. B18c1, ctr pistons, toda c cams, intake manifold, 68 mm tb, dc header, rc 370s, hks hyper catack. Didnt get my test pipe in time so im still running my stock cat so my numbers should be alot higher since it was really restricting things. Also wanna change my header as well. This run only put down 187 hp, best run was 192hp 127tq on a Mustang Dyno.

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Integra Type R Pistons in GSR block
Here's a quick video to show how my B18c1 motors cylinder walls and pistons look after 800 miles of engine break in period. This motor was just rebuild with new 82mm bore and integra type r style pistons. As you can see the walls have almost a mirror finish which is good. I changed my oil 3 times within 800 miles using 10w-30 non synthetic oil. Thanks for viewing.

GSR pr3 pistons, ITR cams. 0-120mph

Gsr with Ctr pistons
Gsr with Ctr pistons Itr cams .045 Cometic Head gasket Skunk2 Pro Black Series Intake Tri Y headers

toda spec c cams