mini cooper play-mini

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Mini 998 A+ Playmini twin 3" exhaust, 1982
after spending a few months since i got the cooper. i have put all the good parts into another shell. the cooper is a long term project. but today was the first day i had it running with everything attached. quite pleased with it. few leaks from the Exhaust, but otherwise its great. (the red engine is not a 1275, just in case anyone ask's. i just prefer a red and black look to things.) Carb is a HiF44 with a foam filter. Maniflow LCB Exhaust header, with a cooper heated inlet (off the RSP cooper). Ignition is the RSP dizzy with a SpitFire sparker in the HT coil lead. Cooling is by uprated rad, fitted with CBR900RRV fan and CBR1000 Oil Cooler. Exhaust back box is a PlayMini twin 3" stainless steel. Fuel pump clicking away is a solid state one mounted in the boot. even with rubber mounts its noisey..

Angry-sounding classic mini (Use headphones for a better experience)
This just a recording of my 68/83 mini.. 1380, cams, straight-cut gears, straight through Exhaust (no cat), coil springs, sway bars, KYB gas shocks, 13-inch 3-piece wheels (staggered...2.5-inch lip in front,3.5-inch lip in the rear.... etc My CAr was featured in the June 2009 issue of Mini World.

classic mini exhaust quill bike exhaust
Classic mini neon 998 with quill bike Exhaust running too lean after video I tune it up a runs fine.Also the Exhaust is blowing.

Mini Exhaust
My new second hand Exhaust for my mini sounds great!