mini cooper play-mini

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mini austin supersport playmini
Rénovation d'une mini 1000 de 88 avec echappement supersport playmini,en cours de restauration........

Mini 998 A+ Playmini twin 3" exhaust, 1982
after spending a few months since i got the cooper. i have put all the good parts into another shell. the cooper is a long term project. but today was the first day i had it running with everything attached. quite pleased with it. few leaks from the Exhaust, but otherwise its great. (the red engine is not a 1275, just in case anyone ask's. i just prefer a red and black look to things.) Carb is a HiF44 with a foam filter. Maniflow LCB Exhaust header, with a cooper heated inlet (off the RSP cooper). Ignition is the RSP dizzy with a SpitFire sparker in the HT coil lead. Cooling is by uprated rad, fitted with CBR900RRV fan and CBR1000 Oil Cooler. Exhaust back box is a PlayMini twin 3" stainless steel. Fuel pump clicking away is a solid state one mounted in the boot. even with rubber mounts its noisey..

Mini twin exhaust
A short video of me taking off in my 1986 austin mini 1275cc. It has a playmini supersport twin Exhaust with oval tips. And was recorded with a GoPro HD Hero 2.

'Project Trig' 1991 Mini City E - PlayMini SuperSport exhaust
Car Spec: 1275cc A+, HIF 44 Carburetor Specialist Components stainless steel LCB Exhaust manifold, 2" stainless link pipe, 2" twin exit stainless steel PlayMini SuperSport Exhaust. Running on Shell V-Power Nitro for greater pops!