1985 Ford Laser Review

Mal and I review the 1985 Ford Laser and find the build quality disappointing.

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Ford Laser Commercial
Circa 1983 New Zealand 1.5 Ghia

AE71 Corolla Burnout - Experiment Two
An experiment was carried out to determine whether a standard 1984 Corolla could produce smoke from its rear tyres in sufficient quantity to be considered a burnout. In this experiment, the burnout was maintained until failure of the rear tyres was achieved. Upon the conclusion of the recorded part of this experiment, the rear tyres spontaneously caught fire.

Start and run on adaptronic ecu

Damaged Ford Laser (Mazda 323) and its Gift to my BMW
Car is a write-off for sure but I did get some good R134a out of it and the BMW is icy cold now Brad (youtube.com/V8jagnut) offered me the whole car, but its not worth it, best just reclaim some gas from the AC and sell it as a running parts car. AC system in it was rebuilt by Brad (qualified mechanic/auto elec and AC tech) very recently and was safe to transfer gas from,.