1985 Ford Laser Review

Mal and I review the 1985 Ford Laser and find the build quality disappointing.

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1985 Ford Laser
1985 ford laser

Death Of The Blazer(Ford Laser).mp4
Death Of The Blazer (Ford laser). Ford laser being destroyed and jumped in a paddock.

1982 Ford Laser Ghia Backfire Take 2
This is what happens when your Exhaust sucks air, and there is also some flames as well.

My 1985 KB Laser Turbo
sorry in advance for poor audio :3 so i finally got around to turbocharging my Ford Laser, after alot of trouble with the standard carby i went and used a Solex and BAM! she runs well atleast, i still noticed some stuttering on Boost when going up hills so i'll be weary of that, probably a fueling issue again....well atleast i can get to work now hahaha