2004 RX-8 vs stock Twin Turbo 93' RX-7

two of my friends racing. 04' RX-8 modded vs stock Twin turbo 93' RX-7

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RX7 chasing RX8
the RX7 (FC) has 405 to the wheels and turbo red RX8 is 300whp with stock RX8 with upgraded tires and "crazy driver upgrade".....love how RX8 handles the winding roads

skyline gtr R32.Vs Mazda RX 7

Rx7 vs Rx8 - Tsukuba 5 laps Battle

1995 RX-7 0-125
my 1995 Mazda RX-7 going from 0-125 on the straight just below my house. Mods: Twin short ram intakes, Greddy BOV, and 17 inch Reactive rims wrapped in Nexen Z-rated tires.