World's Fastest: Banks twin-turbo Trans Am

Take a look back to 1986: Working with Pontiac, Banks Twin-turbo Trans Am sets new World's Fastest Passenger Car mark (268 mph). Raises mark to 283 mph in 1987 -- record stands for more than a decade. (visit for more info)

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Gale Banks on Turbos, Superchargers and NOS
Here’s an edited down segment of an old episode of “American Muscle Car” on RAM AIR that showed on the Speed Network back in ’07. Both the show and the network are gone, but the info in this piece is still great. I mean… turbos, Superchargers, NOS… come on? Enjoy! If you want to see the episode in its entirety here are the links:

Intercoolers Don't Care—A Banks Power 360 Production
Diesel, Gasoline, Truck, Car, Boat, Sea Level, Pikes Peak...These Air Density machines can add hundreds of horsepower by chilling the Boost air. This is the first practice run on a series of videos about what the folks in our ACE (advanced concepts engineering) section are up to. It's something we will feed to you by email a few times a week. I'm shooting for tight 360 second segments, this practice piece ran a little long, my apologies! This will all be instructional and I've got 58 years worth of knowledge and some brand new stuff to share. I also intend to share my 360 series with shop instructors and the NHRA Motorsports Museum for our educational outreach. So, I'm not sellin' I'm just tellin' ! In return I'm asking that you tell me if you like this, please. Also, let me know your areas of interest. Leave a comment here, or you can check us out on Facebook. You can also get more stories and sign up for Banks Insider News here I promise they will be way better as we get into actual production. Gale Banks

The Great Intake Elbow Shootout of 2017: Part 2 - BD and stock

Banks Power iDash
The new iDash® Digital Gauge is the most advanced digital monitoring suite on the market. It's a stand-alone device--no tuner is required. iDash opens a window into the vital inner workings of your vehicle's ECU, letting you see what's beyond your dashboard gauges. Monitors and displays multiple vehicle parameters: speed, rpm, engine temps, etc. in analog or digital presentations. Logs performance and economy results. Set audible alarms, check or clear diagnostic codes at the touch of a button with its friendly touch screen. » Real-time, dynamic data » Easy touchscreen control » Monitor Performance and Fuel Economy » Reads and Clears Codes » Add EGT, Backup Camera, and more » Choose the 4.3" or 5.0" screen Call (800) 396-9223 for more information, or watch this video with Gale Banks introducing the iDash at SEMA: