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CNW 3-fer at Rochelle

Three C&NW movements pass through the junction at Rochelle, IL in the days before UP ownership and the railfan park. The parking area used to be on the north side of the tracks, limiting your photo options and resulting in backlit conditions. But we made do with it somehow...


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Railroad Crossovers (Diamonds) at Rochelle Railroad Park
Walked down closer to the diamonds to get a little detail on what they looked like. From the sounds of things, when trains hit those diamonds they really take on some punishment.

Yet MORE Rochelle Action
Three intermodal trains at Rochelle, IL around 1990. If you are a student of modern railroading, just look at how the face of intermodal traffic has changed in the 19 years since I took these videos. Many times I would film the entire train, nowdays I am glad that I did.

UP Freight with CNW Heritage Unit and Mid-Train DPU!
Union Pacific 8219, 1995 (Chicago & Northwestern Heritage), 9701, and about midway thru the train DPU 5298 move EB with a manifest. Filmed at Rochelle, IL Railroad Park October 23rd, 2009.

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CNW 8625 In Marinette, WI
Northbound CNW empty all rail ore train in Marinette, WI. CNW bentonite hoppers on the head end, PC and CR ore cars on tail.

Action at Rochelle, IL around 1990-91-ish.
Two BN intermodal trains, a coal load and coal empty on the CNW led by UP power.

Final Years of the Union Pacific (CNW) Weber-Mayfair Sub I
This is probably the only known footage of activity on the Union Pacific's (former Chicago & Northwestern) railroad's "Weber" or "Mayfair Cutoff." The subdivision covered the far north-side of Chicago, Lincolnwood, Skokie and Evanston (Illinois). Footage is from March, 2004. I spent over 15 years getting photos of this line as the customers it served dropped off to the one you see being served in this movie. I wish I had a video camera in the 1990's, 80's and 70's. But this is the best I could do. To learn more about this line and the wonderful people who have helped preserve its history, please visit our group website at http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/cnw_weber_sksub/ There are also two excellent books covering this line--and its sister line known as the Skokie Subdivision--at http://www.cnwhs.org/shopping/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=mayfair&x =7&y=7 If you or someone you know has memories, photos or video, about this line or the Skokie Sub, please contact us through the website or enter your comments below.

Railroad Swing Bridge Clinton, Iowa
Railroad swing bridge at Mississippi River at Clinton Iowa. This ex Chicago and NorthWestern Bridge double track bridge sees a lot of traffic, just before the bridge opened for a barge this day, a pair of Eastbound trains went across side by side. Nice river front park to watch the action.

The Rock River Model Railroad 2
More trains we ran on 4-19-09.

"CNW" in Rochelle
Three former CNW SD40-2s pull manifest traffic west through Rochelle, IL on 11/4/07.

CN 2520 w/ GTW 6420 GP40-2 Effingham, IL
Canadian National 2520, 8858, 8816, couldn't get the number on the 4th one, and Grand Trunk 6420 head SB with what I guess is a grain train. There are a lot of tank cars, Don't know what might be in them. Recorded at the Effingham, IL Amtrak station on September 25th, 2009.

UP Gas Turbine at Durand Model Railroad
This is a video of trains at Durand Model Railroad Club. It is a video of CN and BNSF coal drag, CN mixed frieght, UP Gas Turbine, and some CNW action along with a Santa Fe Intermodel Train. Also a UP AC6000 helper to help the coal drag west of town.

Union RailRoad Coke in Classification Yard
The Union's Daily Coke Train from the USS Clairton Works is shown here in the Classification Yard. Noticeable Not My Best Video... © Copyright West Keystone Videos™

UP #4026 & CNW #8701 West Line Power Move
Its always a good day to see the Chicago NorthWestern Railroad! Old # 8701 in original colors moving Westward behind UP #4026. As this was originally the very first rail line in the Chicago area, built by the CNWs predecessor, its good to see that there are still a few left. However I wonder if the 8701 was a working locomotive or if the UP was sending her down the line for eventual scrapping. If you know please post. Its also interesting to see the locomotives by themselves without any rolling stock. 7/17/08 Aprox 2:30 PM

Various CNW Trains - 1994
Sorry, no sound.

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