Cals rampside finished

restored 1961 Corvair rampside, exterior & interior views as well as engine & suspension, restored & narrated by Cal Clark, Clark's corvair parts,, also watch "rampside in parts"

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61 Rampy kicking ass, pure Corvair power !
61 Rampside Deluxe modified with front disc brakes, 64 shifter, 110 with a kick.......first test drive, this baby made me sweat it.......but I got it.......

Corvair Rampside in parts
Corvair Rampside in parts being totally restored

10 9 10 Rampside Dolly Vermont Vid III

1962 Corvair Greenbrier, We go for a ride!
While visiting Pioneer Conversions in Lemont, Illinois it was brought to my attention that one of the principals there owned a 1962 Corvair Greebrier van. Yes,, we went for a ride!