AIRAID Intake For Ford Taurus SHO, Ford Flex 3.5L EcoBoost - CLICK BELOW FOR UPDATED VIDEO!

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Boosting the Ford Eco Boost [S6 Ep.6-1]
One of the hottest new rigs on the market is the Ford F150 with the new 6 cylinder eco-Boost engine. But is it all it can be? Well, today on GEARZ Stacey takes a new eco-Boost powered Ford and shows you some simple upgrades that can Boost performance AND fuel economy of this great new a price you can afford. Then Stacey rolls in the nastiest, grungiest, barn-find Mustang that you can imagine and shows you the steps and tools required to buff an old nasty paint job back to life. Did we mention that this paint is BLACK!?! All to prove the point that if it can be done with a black can be done with any car...and GEARZ is the show that shows you how to do it!

World's highest horsepower EcoBoost Taurus SHO by Livernois Motorsports
Mike wanted to up the power to a whole new level on his 2010 SHO. To help achieve his dreams of making this world record setting HP number, we outfitted the car with our Pro-Series longblock engine, which has many exclusive products to increase the power handling capabilities of this great platform. Some of these products include: Livernois Motorsports Proprietary fully coated Pistons Livernois Motorsports Proprietary Billet Connecting Rods Livernois Motorsports Proprietary Main Studs Livernois Motorsports Proprietary Head studs Livernois Motorsports Ported Cylinder heads These items, combined with our world renowned engine machining and assembly work, and other Livernois Exclusive products, allowed for this SHO to set the record for the Worlds Highest EcoBoost SHO. Stay tuned for some track times from this fast family hauler!

2013 Ford Flex - Stock Vs. K&N Cold Air Intake 0-60
Comparing the stock airbox sound to the K&N Cold Air Intake. Part # - K&N 77-2575KS Performance Intake Kit

2010 ford SHO vs 2011 camaro SS
2010 ford SHO w/ livernois stage 4 tune, walks on a 2011 chevy Camaro SS with intake Exhaust and tune at race legal in San Diego