Stock saab 9000 turbo vs Chipped Volvo S70

not a bad race.

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CCVT Spring 2017
Cruising, racin OGs

Chipped Volvo S70 vs Chipped Saab 9000 turbo, Supercharged TRD 4runner Chase car
Good race, volvo pulls up top, saab down low, chase car is TRD s/c 4 runner.

Backroad time attack! Porsche Cayman S 2006.
Driving the legendary Taborgring in an amazing cayman s with suspension tweaks.

Randomly race a british guy in a 450whp STI vs Nissan 370z
Random, ran into the guy at the next stoplight cool guy with a 450whp "dominator" setup, whatever that is. Cool guy fast car