chasing a ferrari 550 maranello fast v mazda rx-8

why a maranello is a ferrari also a black exige and ferrari 308 not a m5, but a 550i with some mods wow im shocked this got so many views i filmed a car as usual. we wouldnt follow a 550 usually but it was just passing by this is just to show some rare cars just following a 550. to tape it chasing down a ferrari 550 maranello with a crazy driver, i think he goes like 150 or 160 at one point, In the beginning he is in front of the whit truck while were next to the lotus and blk ferrari. we could stay with him for a little while while we accelerated in lower speeds but once he got past a hundred.... not really a race just wanted to capture this rare car.we were stuck at a red light so we had to play catch up

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cars and coffee 3/17/07 Porsche 959 SLR mclaren GT500E
cars and coffee meet. Porsche 959 i thought it was not allowed on the streets but was only a show car i guess bill gates did something?, mv agusta, lamborghini gallardo se, mclaren slr, ferrari 360 modena, ferrari 360 challenge stradale, saleen shelby Mustang, gt 350 gt 500 eleanor, corvette stingray, toyota supra turbo, mercedes burnout, porsche carrera, porsche 959, lotus exige, elise, esprit v8, bentley continental gtc, ac shelby cobra kit car, bmw m 3 5 6, ferrari f430, ferrari f430 convertible, 997 porsche turbo, pontiac gto goat judge, ferrari testarossa, bullit Mustang, ford gt40 ford gt paint scheme, triumph austin healey, dragsters, hot rods, classics, muscle car, Camaro z28

Fastest Stock Mazda RX-8 going 270 km/h on German Highway
My buddies RX8 going 270 km/h...with 4 people in it (him, his girlfriend, his brother and me)

V12 SOUND Ferrari 550 GT // Piero Nappi // Reventino 2015
Ferrari 550 GT V12 driven by italian Piero Nappi during Reventino Hillclimb (Italy). Listen to the screaming V12!! One of the best sounding engine nowadays.. do you agree? :)

Mazda RX-8 Stock vs HKS
Comparison between the stock Exhaust and the HKS Legamax. Intake, headers and cat are stock.