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Broken Driveshaft

Driveshaft breaks in Dyno.


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2010-03-20 broken driveshaft @ 100 mph
Driveshaft broke @ 100+ MPH . 1 piece came through the floor ! The last thing you see moving on the floor is a piece of the shaft .

Cummins Driveshaft Go Boom
Driveshaft breaks at the pumpkin during launch

Chevy OX Roast Mantua Ohio Truck Pulls Broken Drive Shaft
Chevy OX Roast Mantua Ohio Truck Pulls Broken Drive Shaft

Broken Driveshaft
me and my F250, driveshaft is to weak for the motor and big tires so this is the second time i've broken a driveshaft... 1 our of 3 burnouts i've done only one time i've actully had a driveshaft survive...

Driveshaft go bye bye
Launched to hard and snapt my stock driveshaft.

Ford Lightning Broken Drive Shaft
My second run of the day...I heated up the drag radials because it was cold and didn't get any traction my first run. It hooked pretty solid on this run but the ds couldn't handle it. Unfortunately I did not have a ds loop and the Exhaust got damaged as a result.

Pontiac 1/4 mile
12.28s @ 121. mph.

table mesa broken driveshaft part 1
driveshaft broken part 1

Changing a U Joint, or Universal Joint, in a Drive Shaft
Changing a U Joint, or universal Joint, in a Drive Shaft. I wanted to make this video so I could show what I think are important steps in changing a U Joint or Universal Joint in a Drive Shaft.The Ball Joint Press can be borrowed from many Auto Parts Stores or cheaply got at Harbor Freight. .A U Joint or Universal joint is commonly found in rear wheel and four wheel drive vehicles.After removing a drive shaft from the vehicle ,You will want to remove any grease fittings and the U Joint or universal Joint retaining clips. Then I use a Ball Joint press to remove the U joint After removing the U Joint or Universal joint you need to clean up the yoke that the universal joint just came from. Compare the old U Joint with the new U joint to be sure you have the right one. I then press the new U Joint in with the Ball Joint Press.. I install one cap and push it most of the way through ,so the cross sticks out enough to put the other cap on. Also remember if You need to take apart a two piece Drive shaft then it needs to be timed when slid back together.

How to replace front drive axle or drive shaft Toyota Corolla. Years 1995 to 2007
How to change and remove front wheel drive and drive shaft Toyota Corolla years 1995 to 2007. Front drive axle.CV axle. Driveshaft.

Driveshaft 103 - Replacing carrier bearings
This is the easy stage of the job. Pulling and replacing carrier bearings is actually fun, too. You get to rip them to pieces with little risk of personal injury. If they've been rattling your teeth out for a while, you're going to enjoy getting even with them. So many people are scared of the Lobro joint, but I assure you, unless you couldn't build anything out of Lego's as a child, you're not going to have any trouble with it. It's an amazingly simple part held in with 6 bolts, a clamp, and a snap ring. If it comes apart, so long as you know where everything goes, it will go back together. Don't worry. This video shows you how to replace carrier bearings whether your Lobro joint is healthy or not.

First Dyno Pull Drive-shaft Failure

How to remove a bolt in axle shaft WITHOUT any special tools---Do it yourself
Heres a short tutorial on how to remove a bolt in axle shaft from a rear end without the need of a slide hammer or any kind of special pullers.The rear end shown in this video is a DANA 35 in a Jeep Cherokee. Ford 9 inch rearends are similar. PLEASE NOTE*** If your axle flange DOESNT have the access hole to remove the bolts as shown in this video...The rearend is likely a C Clip rearend and this method WILL NOT work,and the diff cover will need to be removed to access the C clips.

toms broken driveshaft
gotta break some things on your way to the 9's :-(

Fixing A Drive Shaft
Scotty Kilmer, mechanic for the last 42 years and counting, shows how you can fix your own drive shaft. For free answers to all your car questions, just visit www.scottykilmer.com

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