Broken Driveshaft

Driveshaft breaks in Dyno.

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My supra breaking the driveshaft at the dragstrip
in car video of me snapping the aluminum driveshaft in my 600+ rwhp mk3 supra.

1986 Trans Am
SBC 350 with big cam, and all the toys

Dyno attempt for my Dinan Stage 3 740i w/ custom built motor
This was the only Dyno run we got in, unfortunately as the internal belt on the Supercharger broke during the run. As such the readings we got were pretty pathetic, in the neighborhood of 340 rwhp. The belt was a handful of string when we pulled it out of the blower later. However, the car does make some very nice noises, despite the fact that this video was taken with just a handheld camera.

250hp Barndoor Typ4 engine runs
after a long week-end at the Dyno with approx. 125 coffees & Red Bulls, 2 broken mainshafts, 3 angry wifes, just junkfood, a ticket for speeding, a friendly neighbour who mentioned (at 10 pm on sunday) that his glasses in the cupboard were "dancing", a broken clutch disk and readjusting the new throttle bodies the Barndoor engine finally runs!