Dodge Charger Electronic Cutouts Exhaust

2006 Dodge Charger Top Banana Yellow Electronic Exhaust. Open and Closed Clips of the car at idle and driving.

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QTP Oval Low Profile Electric Cutouts Dodge Charger
Introducing our new Oval Low Profile Electric Exhaust Cutouts. A new design for cars that have limited clearance where our standard electric cutout would not fit. Dual Oval Low Profile Electric Exhaust Cutouts- Part # QTEC66 For More Info go to:

2008 Super Bee Exhaust Cutouts
Good video, Ok sound quality of electric Exhaust cutouts installed just aft of the cat's on a 2008 Dodge Super Bee 6.1L HEMI. Video is of cutouts being opened, engine revved and then closed.

13 Dodge Charger + Mopar Tips, Tricks, & Hacks ā€“ THINGS YOU DIDNā€™T KNOW - PART 1
This video shows 13 things you might not have known about the Dodge Charger (2006-2010), unique features, cool tricks, and hidden things. Some of these may apply to other 2006-10 LX models (300, Challenger, Magnum) but not certain. May do a Part 2 as well as there is more that I didn't include. Thanks for watching! :) Update: 5/10/2017 - Go follow my new Instagram page! marspeed_official

Warm Start - Outside - Cutouts Open - 2012 SRT8 Dodge Charger
**Fan Requested Video** Warm Start - Mid Day - out in the open with Cutouts wide open. Car was running for over an hour with most of it in drive on the highway at 65mph+