GTR R35 vs Supra 11 9

GTR R35 vs Supra GTR 11.9 @ 119MPH

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8 sec.Supra vs GT-R vs EVO TX2k13
A couple of Supra's vs. GT-R EVO @ Tx2K13 5VnJaZKRxfA check this out

Ola!!..This is an event held once every 10years in the midwest of usa. A fun and safe event with almost 100 import cars. These two beast built by SPEngineering. GTR (750whp)on C16 and Supra (1033)on C16.

GTR R35 vs Turbo Hatch
GTR R35 vs Civic Hatch turbo

GTR R35 vs Vortech Supercharged Mustang 12 1
Race everyone there wanted to see. GTR R35 12.12 @118mph Stang 12.19 @116mph