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Lamborghini Orange Custom Celica Modified For Paralyzed Driver
Only video of me and my 2001 custom Toyota Celica A woman at my building hit my car and I got a sweet check from the insurance people, so I went all out. I had it painted Lamborghini Orange/Toyota Black to match my custom TiLite Wheelchair with the only set of Orange rims ever made by Spinergy. Finally had my dream car. I had wanted one of these ever since they came out in 2000. Whoda thunk Id have one this worked out AFTER I was paralyzed? The universe works in mysterious ways.

Toyota Celica VS Toyota Celica Drag Cyprus
Just for fun toyota club Cyprus meeting

Celica GTS vs. Prelude
Celica GTS and Prelude go at it, they were both basically stock. They just had an intake, the celica has a TRD Exhaust thats aboout it. It was a best out of 3 Celica-1 Prelude-2 Winner= PRELUDE

Celica GT-S Acceleration
Just a quick vid of my GT-S. 0-100 mph. I know the 1-2 shift sucked. I used to be able to land lift in the 1-2, but unfortunately i have a problem with the 1-2 synchro.