Mercedes SLR McLaren Quarter 1/4 Mile Drag Race Video

100% stock car with stock tires. 77 degrees with 70% humidity. Filmed in West Palm Beach, FL. Still a strong run at 11.4xx @ 126.xx

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2006 Mercedes-Benz SLR Drag Racing runs 10.8 @ 128 MPH
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2006 BMW M6 Quarter Mile 1/4 Drag - 11 second run MISSED
If there was a run that would have pulled an 11, this would have been it. The 60' short time was a 1.997. Best ever for my car. Unfortunately, I bounced off the rev limiter going into 2nd AND 3rd! Then to boot, I ended up shifting too early into 4th! All and all I lost 2 mph off my trap speed with this run ruining my best shot for an 11 second pass. Temperature was at 77 degrees and humidity wasnt on my side at 70%. In all seriousness, this car would run 2 tenths of a second and 2 mph better if in a better location in the US. Excuses! Excuses! LOL : )

Bugatti Veyron vs McLaren F1 - Top Gear - BBC
Take a one-mile stretch of road in Abu Dhabi and the two fastest road-cars in the world and what do you get? The ultimate drag race is the answer as Richard Hammond in a Bugatti Veyron takes on the Stig in a McLaren F1. Subscribe for more awesome Top Gear videos: Top Gear YouTube channel: website: Top Gear Facebook: Top Gear Twitter: This is a channel from BBC Worldwide who help fund new BBC programmes.

Ferrari 599 vs. Mercedez SLR McLaren
Two supercars race to answer some questions regarding which would be better in a drag race.