New England Dragway Radio Commercial 1973

New England Dragway Radio Commercial 1973

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Vintage Drag Racing: Late 1960's - Early 1970's (Jeff Beck "Big Block")
This piece is based on 1960's and 1970's Drag Racing photographs by Charles L. Gilchrist, and is dedicated to "Piston Heads" and "Gear Jammers" all over the world. enjoy! Produced by CG Imaging Music "Big Block" by Jeff Beck from the album "Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop". If you like these hot drag racing images, check out the artists website:

Thompson Drag Raceway Radio - 1971
Thompson Drag Raceway Radio Commercial 1971. WIXY Radio Cleveland, OH. Mark Roberts and Alexander Prescott, voices.

Jungle Pam Backing Up Jungle Jim Car @ 2013 NHRA Hot Rod Reunion, Epping NH
The Jungle Jim car versus Crazy Jake, with Jungle Pam backing up the Jungle Jim car, at the Inaugural NHRA Hot Rod Reunion in Epping, New Hampshire. (Saturday, September 14)

Shockwave Jet Truck from New England Dragway Jet Cars Under the Stars 2014
Shockwave, the jet-propelled big rig making the final run of the night at New England Dragway Aug 9th 2014. Watch in HD! Sorry for the shaky cam, I was trying to shoot the vid over the crowd at the fenceline.