New England Dragway Radio Commercial 1973

New England Dragway Radio Commercial 1973

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New England Dragway (early 1980's)
A weekend at New England Dragway about 1981-82. Pro Stock, Frunny Cars, Top Fuel, Jet Cars and Wheel Standers. Jack Doyle, Don Roberts, managers. Announcer, Jan Landers. 2 hours. FUNNY CARS US Male Nick Boninfante Bunny Burkett Bunny Burkett Boston Strangler Arnie Karp Super Brut Al Segrini USA-1 Bruce Larson Agitator Bob Seifert Chi-Town Hustler Frank Hawley Future Force Chuck Etchells Orange Baron Gary Burgin Eastern Raider Al Hanna Fighting Irish Dick Rosberg Black Magic D. A. Santucci ? Miller Lite Al Hanna US Male Pat Walsh Blue Bayou John Speelman ? Midnight Express Hemi Shaker WHEELSTANDERS Hemi Under Glass Jack Ehrmantraut Chuckwagon Wheelstander Chuck Poole Little Red Wagon Wheelstander Richard Hutchins Mad Man Marko Wheelstander Mark O- Hildonen JETS Kenworth Jet Truck Bob Motz Green Monster Jet Car Art Alfons Ivo Jet Dragster TV Tommy Ivo

Jungle Pam Backing Up Jungle Jim Car @ 2013 NHRA Hot Rod Reunion, Epping NH
The Jungle Jim car versus Crazy Jake, with Jungle Pam backing up the Jungle Jim car, at the Inaugural NHRA Hot Rod Reunion in Epping, New Hampshire. (Saturday, September 14)

Vintage Drag Racing: Late 1960's - Early 1970's (Jeff Beck "Big Block")
This piece is based on 1960's and 1970's Drag Racing photographs by Charles L. Gilchrist, and is dedicated to "Piston Heads" and "Gear Jammers" all over the world. enjoy! Produced by CG Imaging Music "Big Block" by Jeff Beck from the album "Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop". If you like these hot drag racing images, check out the artists website:

Thompson Drag Raceway Radio - 1971
Thompson Drag Raceway Radio Commercial 1971. WIXY Radio Cleveland, OH. Mark Roberts and Alexander Prescott, voices.