1971 Buick Gran Sport QJet Carb. no secondaries, how to adjust?

Need to adjust the choke on a Qjet Carb. Choke pull-off replaced but secondaries still don't open. How do I adjust?

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Rochester quadrajet increasing secondary opening
Increasing the opening in the secondaries will get the engine to rev higher. I noticed the engine was being a real dog and I wanted to increase my acceleration and gain a few more rpms and HP slightly

Quadrajet bog when cold because choke is opening
I've been having bogging issues when the car is cold. Apparently the choke is getting pulled open. Is there a solution other than changing it to a manual choke with a cable?

Quadrajet sound
Q jet secondary operation

Rochester Quadrajet 4MV Choke Rod Adjustment
Checking and adjusting the choke valve on the carb.