Master Claude - Cleaning Aluminum parts

Cleaning aluminum cast engine block can be a really tough problem. Claude explains how to start and what you can use for polishing.

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DIY Baking Soda Blaster
I know I didn't show the hub before the blasting, but it's from my 1980 Motobecane Grand Touring bicycle and probably had 33 years worth of a yellow-brown gunky junk coating. It would've been a pain to clean it thoroughly with brushes and solvent. This is also an excellent method for carburetor cleaning when there's a risk you'll damage rubber parts with solvent. When finished blasting, just rinse with warm water.

Engine parts Vapour Blasting process, before and after!!
Contact for this great process that cleans your engine parts without distorting or removing the metal!! Contact him at 416-419- 3161

How To Clean and Polish Aluminum and Alloy Metal Engine Polishing on Café Racers or hot rods
Get your Ichiban Tee ! Here is a "how to" on aluminum and alloy metal engine polishing using simple household items and your drill. I'm going to polish my entire café racer custom motorcycle engine! Awesome process for your garage builds and hot rod ! Send me stuff ! Yes- I actually do send stickers out to those who contribute bits, parts, stuff for my projects and pretty much everyone who I talk about or thank in my videos. If you want to send me bike stuff, things for potential use in videos or tools to review etc. (or even just cash donations ! ) mail them to me: Ichiban Moto PO Box 1362 Highland Park, IL 60035 USA Yes- you can just buy Ichiban Moto stickers - they are on ebay. If you don't have ebay/ paypal, you may mail me a minimum donation of $1 per sticker- along with your self addressed and stamped envelope. Stickers and donations are how I fund this fun !

How a Catalytic Converter Works
Here's what's inside a Catalytic Converter and how it works on your car. The catalytic converter is located after the Exhaust manifold, but before the resonator. Its duty is to convert harmful Exhaust gases into less toxic gasses. The catalyst inside the converter is made of platinum, rhodium, palladium and sometimes gold. These precious metals are very expensive, thus making recovery of used catalytic converters a very viable business. Replacement catalytic converters are also very expensive. The catalytic converter forms part of a closed loop control system, whereby the ECU targets the air to fuel ratio for optimal combustion and efficiency of the catalytic converter. Often there is a rear oxygen sensor after a catalytic converter that keeps eyes on the oxygen levels coming out, to ensure it is working efficiently. Running the vehicle too rich can caused too much unburned fuels to go inside the catalytic converter, causing it to combust and overheat. The catalyst cannot convert gases anymore and looses its effectiveness. That's why its important to check out the check engine lights on your car to ensure it doesn't damage anything down the road. This catalytic converter was removed from a 2001 Toyota Corolla. Related video: How a Muffler Works: