Installing A Manual Or Electric Choke On A Holley Carburetor

Installing an electric or manual choke can make engine start ups easier on your muscle car. These steps show how to install and adjust both types of chokes on just about any type of vehicle.

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Carburetor Electric & Manual Choke Tuning - Summit Racing Quick Flicks
Norm covers the basics of how to start a carbureted vehicle on a cold morning with either a manual choke or electronic choke. Learn the differences between an electronic and manual choke and how to properly find the right choke position.

EPISODE 104 Carburetor Choke set up and PCV Autorestomod
Home page: Sponsor: Mentions: This week we explain why chokes are important enough that you should consider having one on your street car. We also set up a hot air choke, talk about the pros and cons of manual chokes, and tell when an electric choke might be the best bet. Vinnie will show off a choke cable available for the Mustang that will look factory in your '65 or '66. We also tell you why you might want to install a PCV (Positive Crankcase Vent) to keep things clean.


Holley carb adjustment basics
-just a quick overview of how to adjust a holley and what to know. happy to answer any tuning issues. i know far more than id like to about these old holleys. not a very good public speaker clearly. HOLLEY CARB FLOODING & HARD STARTING SOLUTIONS