Terrifying Presence

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Fallout: New Vegas - Terrifying Presence
Fun with the Terrifying Presence perk. Probably the best perk on the game. Subscribe to me and my friend Austin to see more Fallout. http://www.youtube.com/user/cuzimwhite8

73 El Camino bleach burnout
My friend found this rim and tire in the irrigation canal across the street from his house. It still had most of the tread on it, so we figured it would be perfect for roasting over bleach at high rpm. The Elky's 350 had Flowtech headers on it, with inserts in the collectors, no pipe. The inserts tamed the some of the volume, but not much. He still drove it everywhere like that. Amazingly, he never got a ticket. But it's not that hard to avoid loud Exhaust fix-it tickets around here.

German weightlifter Matthias Steiner drops 432-pound barbell on his head, walks away (PHOTOS)
watch the full video here as youtube not allowing to upload real video - http://www.vgizmo.com/german-weightlifter-matthias-steiner-drops-432-pound- barbell-on-his-head-video/ Defending weightlifting gold medalist Matthias Steiner walked away from a terrifying incident Tuesday when he dropped a barbell weighing 432 pounds on his neck during the Olympic 105+ kg competition. The German was attempting to snatch 196 kg when his knees and arms buckled, causing the massive weight to fall on top of his head. Steiner collapsed under the barbell and instantaneously flopped while its mass bent his neck and head. He was immediately tended to by medical officials and somehow got to his feet, saluted the crowd and walked off under his own power. He didn't return to the competition. The Associated Press reports Steiner went to the hospital for precautionary X-rays.

1998 TransAm WS6 Build-Up Fully Bolted Racing Dyno Burnout
A timeline of the recent build we did on my 1998 Pontiac TransAm WS6. Car has LS1 motor, cam, Dart Pro 1 stage 3 heads, headers, Borla Exhaust, cutout, LS6 intake, lid, K&N, tune, ASP pulley, Hurst shifter, shift light, Nitto Drag Radials, DragLite wheels, Moser 4.10 gears and more. Motor work was done at East Texas Muscle Cars. Airbrushing by Allen Jonez - lid design is from the Disturbed Ten Thousand Fists album. Songs are Hollywood Undead "Undead" and Disturbed "Hell" Be sure to check us out on Facebook at Triple-X Motorsports & Outdoors for all the latest updates! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Triple-X-Motorsports-Outdoors-RekjavicXXX/143 751552330968