Terrifying Presence

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Fallout New Vegas: Surprise air attack with terrifying presence!!
Benny just got owned. Again. And apparently some dealer guy was evil too!

GET 28 PERKS - Fallout New Vegas Glitch
TUTORIAL: 28 perks, infinite XP, infinite 9mm ammo, infinite leather armor. While in Goodsprings, ONLY pick these perks. After you leave and rebuild your character, you can pick any perks you want, whether they're on this list or not. THESE PERKS WILL STAY WHEN YOU REBUILD: Action Boy/Girl Adamantium Skeleton Animal Friend Better Criticals Bloody Mess Cannibal Center of Mass Chem Resistant Chemist Commando Computer Whiz Concentrated Fire Cowboy Demolition Expert Explorer Fast Metabolism Ferocious Loyalty Finesse Fortune Finder Ghastly Scavenger Grim Reapers Sprint Gunslinger Hand Loader Hit the Deck Infiltrator Jury Rigger Laser Commander Lead Belly Life Giver Light Step Living Anatomy Long Haul Math Wrath Meltdown Miss Fortune Mister Sandman Mysterious Stranger Nerd Rage! Nerves of Steel Night Person Ninja Nuka Chemist Pack Rat Paralyzing Palm Piercing Strike Plasma Spaz Purifier Pyromaniac Quick Draw Rad Absorption Rad Resistance Robotics Expert Scrounger Shotgun Surgeon Silent Running Slayer Sniper Solar Powered Splash Damage Spray 'n Pray Stonewall Super Slam Terrifying Presence The Professional Toughness Unstoppable Force Vigilant Recycler Weapon Handling All perks at level 2, and level 4 will disappear, so: For your first two perks while leveling up in Goodsprings, choose swift learner. This makes the infinite XP go a lot faster, and any other perks you choose will disappear anyways. After you're at level 6, pick whatever you want from the "will not disappear" list above.

Fallout New Vegas Terrifying presence LT Hagarty Part 1(HD)
Watch more terrifying presence encounters on my channel!

Fallout: New Vegas - Terrifying Presence
Fun with the Terrifying Presence perk. Probably the best perk on the game. Subscribe to me and my friend Austin to see more Fallout. http://www.youtube.com/user/cuzimwhite8