Judd V8 10,000 RPM !!! E36 BMW Hillclimb car

George Plasa E36 320 BMW 560hp 10,000rpm Judd V8 Hillclimb supercar http://bit.ly/eAMFYF

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Georg Plasa with Onboard at fastest Hillclimb St-Ursanne 2006! BMW 320 V8, 560HP, 890kg. Remastered
Some very good reminds to our friend Georg at St.Ursanne - Les Rangiers 2006. It was a great battle against his friend Reto Meisel. At the end Georg won this event but Reto did made a new track record for touring cars! Thanks Georg! RIP! Your fans from FINGER VIDEO

Georg Plasa - BMW 134 Judd - Rechberg 2011
Georg Plasa - BMW 134 Judd - Rechberg 2011

BMW 134 Judd V8 550hp 750kg Compilation Top Speed HILLCLIMB F1 Sound
Georg Plasa BMW 134 Judd V8 Weight: 780kg Engine: 3.4 liter Judd V8 550HP F1

Best of Sound at Hillclimb La Roche 2013, Mercedes JUDD V8, Nissan 200, Porsche 935, Delta S4 ...
Check the organisations site for more informations about that nice event: http://www.acaf.ch/index.php/la-roche-la-berra