Chevy Vega Wagon Lifting Front Wheels Sturgis, SD Sturgis Dragway 2009

This is my Vega wagon. This was the last race of the season, for the new season I have ordered a set of wheelie bars.

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Bored at Work - Small Chevy Vega Wheelie on pavement.
This is what happens when you take a bunch of horsepower junkies on a saturday who gets bored at work. Blown Alcohol Chevy Vega!

10 sec Chevy Vega
Chevy Vega makes a 10.06 run

Orange Vega Wagon wheelie
Orange Vega Wagon wheelie Cecil Test-N-Tune 3-19-11

1970's Chevy Vega Wagon Drag Car Sold Cheap!
At an auction where this awesome Vega drag car sold cheap cheap cheap! How cheap? You have to watch the video to find out!