67 Camaro 406 Small Block Chevy

A complete walk-around of my dad's 67 Camaro that he drag races. His best pass WITH A THIRD OF THE THROTTLE TAKEN AWAY is 9.87 at 135 mph naturally asperated Scott Shafiroff engine''I know what you guys are thinking most of you guys are thinking ''oh, how stupid a purple 67 Camaro it looks like crap'' well we haven't had this paint job for a while and we don't plan to keep it for any longer than the rest of this year although it does attract people especially at events that are going to be on tv!

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SBC 406 Stroker Engine Dyno Testing

67 Chevy Camaro with 406 small block chevy warm up!
This is a vid a monthly warm up of my dad's Camaro that he drag races at gainesvile raceway! Please comment, rate, subscribe, and thanks for watching!

1979 Chevy Camaro Z/28 434 small block
Engine was built by unitedracingengines.com and the automatic 400 turbo transmission was built by hughesperformance.com I purchased the car of a young kid from boston, Ma area. I had greer performance

S-10 406 Small Block 600HP - E85 Injected
Still on my quest of 9's. A few more awesome videos.