RX-3 at powercruise powerplay 2011

bit of fun in a 10 second rx-3 at powercurise willowbank 2011

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Skyline vs Hilux ute @ Powerplay willowbank 2011
awsome race between a skyline and a little Hilux ute at pwerplay

(65 OHD)Premier at Powerplay willowbank 2011
bit of fun in the premier at powerplay cruise session

Pac Performance Rx2 Coupe (GOD RX2) Powercruise 1day Powerplay 3-11-12
only on set two street Boost, pump fuel, drive there & drive home piloted by the man himself Dom perri, makes over 400hp ATW on pump fuel, with a best ET of 9.6 on its old setup. car was built and tuned by the boys at pac performance. its yet to hit the track with its new setup, looking for an 8 second pass in the future.

(65 OHD) Premier vs Torana at Powerplay 2011 willowbank
some fun at the cruise session 2011 willowbank