Daewoo Nexia 1.5 16V Engine Sound 3

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Ремонт Daewoo Nexia 1.5 16V
Ремонт Daewoo Nexia 1.5 16V

DOHC 4 cylinder engine Video - Part 1
DOHC 4 cylinder engine Video - Part 1 A complete overview of the Engine.

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1.5 litre DOHC (62 kW or 83 hp) 1.5 L A15MF I4 (gasoline) orean market cars received a 1.5 litre engine (with 89 PS or 65 kW) as there was a severe tax penalty for cars with larger engines.[1] In October 1991 the LeMans received a facelift, with a reworked front and superficially changed taillights. This version was called the Asüna SE/GT in the Canadian market, where it replaced the Passport Optima. When South Korean production of the original LeMans finally came to an end in February 1997, over 1 million had been built

Что если бы Mansory прокачали Nexia
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