Drag Car Build 2 check us out....Outlaw Boost

Watch Outlaw Boost build a drag car part 2 looking for sponsor for the 2011 race yr..

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Chevelle Chassis build 7
Only thing left on the front suspention is adjust for bump steer.

Knuckleheads build a race car
Building 1960 Chevy Demo Cross race car for Perris Speedway

steel tubes chassis construction | CMM laser
steel tubes chassis created by using laser tube cutting technology | http://www.tagliolaser.net CMM is an important steel service center in Italy specialised in laser cutting for pipes, tubes and plates. CMM, the new way to build steel tubes chassis and frames. CMM Channel : www.youtube.com/user/pipelasercutting - CMM - Taglio laser

Drag Car Construction
Bottom veiw of a hand built drag car. Groutaone official race gear found here http://www.groutaone.com/