05 YZF-R1 fuel or spark problem

Sometimes it runs completely normally, then a couple minutes later it will start doing this.

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R6 motorcycle cylinder misfire power loss fault finding spark check diagnosis
My yamaha yzf r6 5eb 1999 suddenly lost power on the motorway and started farting and missing when exceeding 4.5k rpm so I had to do some fault finding, checked the cylinders with the water check and cylinder 4 was not firing up! So done some coil and spark checks and all seems to be fine so the problem must be in the carbs!! Yamaha r6 r1 honda cbr rr fireblade Suzuki gsxr Kawasaki ninja hayabusa

Motorcycle Fuel Injection Systems video 1 by Yamaha Motor Corp.
Flat Out Powersports 390 State Rd 37 N Martinsville, IN 46151 765-342-6335 http://www.flatoutpowersports.com

How To Change Spark Plugs on Yamaha R1 - R1Videos.com
http://R1Videos.com How to change spark plugs on Yamaha R1 sportbike and then install or re-install the spark plugs. In this how to video from R1Videos.com, you will see how to remove spark plugs on the 2004 YZF R1 so you can check to see if they need to be replaced. You will also see how to remove the radiator to access several other key areas in your motorcycle. Finally we show you a tip or trick on how to use fuel line as a tool to help remove the plugs. R1Videos.com Upload #10 (June 24, 2012) R1Videos.com "How To Series" How to video #7 Website http://R1Videos.com YouTube Channel http://youtube.com/user/R1VideosdotCom Facebook http://www.Facebook.com/R1Videos Twitter http://twitter.com/r1videos Pinterest http://www.pinterest.com/r1videos Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/r1videos Contact / Email: Robert at R1Videos.com Camera: Canon XL1s camera, mini DV tape Post: Premiere Pro CS5 Location: San Antonio, TX Presenter: Todd Cameraman / Post Production: Robert Blue 2004 R1 - Todd Silver 2004 R1 - Robert Song: Metal Riff (stock music)

2007-2008 Yamaha r1 STATOR FAULT not charging Regulator/Rectifier location read description!
O.k the story goes "for my bike" 1 morning go to my bike start it i hear a slight whining sound http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4J4CJJfdg0&feature=player_detailpage and then riding it seemed to fade away on riding 4-5 revs on the dash next few days have past sound gone ride the bike round town like normal come home the following day try turn over the bike to start it not enough charge (low battery) put it on the charger register 12.7 volts on multi meter after charging it, start the bike all seemd good riding around for 2hrs everything is normal park the bike 10 min later the battery was flat seem to be bad battery or grumpy bike? waited 5 min the cells in the batteries bult up on its own? start the bike it turned on ride for 5-6 minutes dash instruments goes off acceleration was sluggish or nothing but had speed to 60kph then bike dies (less power than i had starting the bike and drained out to the max just about) call for a jump start rode 7 meters bike dies jump start again bike wont run after leads are of from the car jump starting the bike swap batteries with a full charge 12 volt battery bike ran like brand new! take it home loosing power on the way bike dies at home look at the volts with multi meter 4 volts left re charged it bike ran new and tested if power was charging the battery no 13-14.7 charge what so ever! knew ether stator or regulator 1 or the 2 done the tests and research from utube "how to vids" and found out the problem JUST LOADING MY STORY TO HELP OUT I GUESS? hope you like? the info and helps! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PevgFfi_oaY AND 2008 R1 MAYBE 2007 REGULATOR/RECTIFIER IS IN THE AIRBOX UNDER THE FILTER!!! and ***not resonator lol rectifier*** when im saying resonator i mean rectifier yolo :D