Vortech Predator Supercharged Dodge Ram Hemi

My 08 Dodge Ram 1500

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SRT Max Cam Hemi Ram.
2004 RCSB 218/223 112lsa open header. truck has a base tune. RIP 2004/2010

Cammed turbo hemi truck
2006 ram hemi QC, STS turbo, intercooled, water meth, pace setter LT's, 4:56 gears, power ported cam, P&P heads, SCt tuned by hemifever!

Playing in superchared hemi ram 40-90mph
This video was uploaded from an Android phone. Dodge ram 1500 2007 acclerating on to highway magnuson Supercharger maggie

2014 ram 1500 3.0l ecodiesel 109,000 mile real owner review
This is my actual truck, as of today I have 111,000 miles. Keeping true to my own fashion, this video is almost 2 hours long. Sorry, I was going to make it 1hr long. I did not touch every base I wanted to, but I think two hours should be good enough :)