How to Wash and Detail Your Car - Part 1/2

The Smoking Tire shows you how to properly detail your car at home without accidentally ruining your paint in the process.

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How to Wash and Detail Your Car - Part 2/2
The Smoking Tire demonstrates how to properly detail your car without accidentally ruining your paint in the process.

Matt's 1990 Nissan Skyline GTR - One Take
This video brought to you by Import Bible For those of us Americans who grew up with the original racing simulators, but without the ability to see JDM Sports Cars on the street, the Skyline GTR was the ultimate fantasy mobile. I remember the car going all the way back to the first Gran Turismo, and it was so much better than any other car in the game it was crazy. Turns out that was also true in real life, as the R32 Skyline GTR was so fast it was banned from Group A racing. To drive one today is to be impressed not only with the car's pace, but also with the level of refinement and driver involvement.

Porsche 718 Boxster S - (Portugal) One Take
This is the new 718 Porsche Boxster S. It's light, tight, and fast, and for the first time in over 20 years, features a four-cylinder engine in a Porsche road car. The 2.5L turboharged flat-four engine makes 350 HP and 310 lb/ft, and mated to the always impressive PDK gearbox, makes for a proper rocket of a roadster. Once you get used to the new sound, the performance and refinement of the gold standard of roadsters is hard to ignore. Read more about the new Boxster S! Check out my review for Road and Track! er-s-does-everything-right/ FULL DISCLOSURE: Porsche flew me to Portugal, fed me, and put me in the Intercontinental Hotel Estoril for this review.

2016 Ford Shelby GT350R - One Take
This is the one. This is the Mustang we've all been waiting for since Mustangs dominated Trans Am Racing 50 years ago. The 5.2L 'Voodoo' V8 is the best sounding American engine ever, the chassis is balanced and playful, fun as hell, and most importantly, very, very fast. Put simply, this is the best Mustang ever made.