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2 15inch FLI subwoofers

2 FLI Underground FU-15 2 FLI Underground FU57-F1A 2 FLI Underground FU6-F1A 1 FLI Audio FU1000.1-F1A 1 FLI Audio FU720.4-F1A 1 Sony CDX-GT40U receiver


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2 Mofo 15'' with a 5500 watt Bamf amp
playin around with the music in the chevy caprice 2 Mofo 15'' with a 5500 watt Bamf amp songs Polo down by young Dro Sweat by Young Do Ft. Chris Brown

Comparing Subwoofer Boxes: Manufacturer & Prefab Enclosures
Learn more about the differences between prefab subwoofer enclosures and boxes built by the manufacturer. In this video we show the differences in build quality, as well as sound quality (specifically SPL). Using our demo car and a Termlab SPL meter, we show your the SPL ratings for a Kicker CVX in a generic ported box and a manufacturer built/loaded box. While the SPL difference was only about 1 dB difference, there was a difference in the sound quality/clarity that was difficult for the microphones to pick up. Note! The SPL results of this experiment are´╗┐ not as dramatic as they would be with other brands, as Kicker subs are designed to maintain consistent performance in a wide variety of enclosure designs. However, the difference in sound quality between the enclosures was dramatic. Prefab Box = Great for keeping the costs down. Manfufacturer Box = Gets the most out of the woofer. Subwoofer Enclosures: http://www.sonicelectronix.com/cat_i1_car-subwoofer-enclosures.html Sonic Electronix: http://www.sonicelectronix.com/

FLI Twin 12" 2000 Watt Sub
My Cars Sound System; Alpine IDA 305s Head Unit Front Doors...Alpine Type E 13cm Speakers Back Doors...Alpine Type E 13cm Speakers FLI Twin 12" 2000 Watt Subwoofer Song: Drake Up All Night ( Ft Nikki Minaj ) Before Anyones Says...I Know It Rattles But I Plan To Dynomat The Car Which Should Kill All The Unwanted Vibrations. The Sub Can Kick Out A Lot More Bass But I Decide to Safe The Major Bass For Another Video :D...Any Song Suggestions Then Leave A Comment And il Do My Best To Make A Video With The Song You Ask For.

2 American Bass XFL 15's on Audiopipe AQX 2500, 2004 Ford Taurus
2 American Bass XFL 15's Audiopipe AQX2500d Kinetik 1800 All AudioTechnix 0gauge power wire

Fli Active TRAP 12 Subwoofer Test
Video of the Fli Active TRAP 12 Subwoofer working with a stable power supply.

Sony cdx-gt450u
Newly installed head unit Sony cdx-gt450u in audi a4 b5. Clear sound and great quality. really glad that i bought it :) Heres the link to song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_5j0uzlYfo

Stroker Bass 3000 w/ 2 15" Eclipse Subwoofers - Loud Cerwin Vega Car Audio SPL -Boss Titanium Brutus
Just Installed 2 15 inch woofers for my man Craig - even though the box is sealed, the bass is really loud, And I mean LOUD! ~ http://www.youtube.com/user/EXOcontralto He hits the crazy low notes like a champ. Wicked good bass excursion, and sub flex for only 2 15's in 100 cubes of space on a boss amp... ~ EXO Got some water tricks, can tricks, shirt tricks and even a little skateboarding :D Enjoy The Music? Subscribe For More ORIGINAL Tracks! "Koi Pond " - By Cultivata Beats Big SHOT Beat Made On FL Studio 8 http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=cultivata89 Boss Ch3000d 3000 watt monoblock amplifier Two 15 inch Eclipse sw8200 subs sealed enclosure Hifonics Brutus BXI 2608 amp 15" Cerwin Vega Stroker Pro Pioneer DEH-2000mp EXOcontralto 2009 - Staying Loud & Proud :D BassHeads Unite - Bass Heads The Like

2 JL Audio 18w3d2's in a Ford Taurus
2 JL Audio 18w3d2's in a Ford Taurus

FLI Audio Underground Car Produce Line at CES 2011
FLI Audio released an entire new series of car amplifiers, speakers, and subwoofers this year at CES. Named the FLI Audio Underground series, this new 2011 series is an affordable way for individuals to put a great sounding, entry level system in their car. Main page: http://www.sonicelectronix.com Knowledge Base: http://knowledge.sonicelectronix.com Sonic Blog: http://blog.sonicelectronix.com Sonic Forums: http://forums.sonicelectronix.com

2 Rockford Fosgate 15's/ w 500 Watt RF Prime Amp
Well I had a pretty good video I pieced together but my camera software is being a piece of crap so I finally got it to upload the basic video. Thats not to bad though cause this is really what I wanted you to see. My friend/coworkers system. I wanted to shoot this before he added a second amp. Had to be quick cause we had to go into work. Thanks for watching The System (1) JVC Headunit (1) Rockford Fosgate 15 Inch P1 Subwoofer (1) Rockford Fosgate 15 Inch Subwoofer (series unknown) (1) Rockford Fosgate Prime Amp 500 Watts (2) Kicker 6x9 Mids in Rear Deck (2) Boston Acoustic 3 1/2 Mids in Front Dash 8 Gauge Power and Ground Wires

Fli trap 12a active
400 watts RMS Good Bass 20-2500hz range Bought this sub for 100euro from halfords considering it was only 100 euro I can't really complain about it!! It is loud and can be heard from out side the car this video isn't great will post a better one soon!

Fli 15" Sub Demo Wilco.mp4
Putting the FLI 15 sub through its paces on a slow day at Wilco, Peterborough. Can't beat a bit of Dizzee rascal ;)

Subwoofer Fli 15
Fli 15

15 inch Fli twin subs
listening to lollipop

1995 chevy s10 with 2 jl audio 12 inch subwoofers
my s10 playin bass mekanik on two jl audio 12'' w1 subs turned a quarter of the way up

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