1.8 gigapixel ARGUS-IS. World's highest resolution video surveillance platform by DARPA

1 million terabytes a day saved forever. The ARGUS array is made up of several cameras and other types of imaging systems. The output of the imaging system is used to create extremely large, 1.8GP high-resolution mosaic images and video. The U.S. Army, along with Boeing, has developed and is preparing to deploy a new unmanned aircraft called the "Hummingbird." It's is a VTOL-UAS (vertical take-off and landing unmanned aerial system). Three of them are being deployed to Afghanistan for a full year to survey and spy on Afghanistan from an altitude of 20,000 feet with the ability to scan 25 square miles of ground surface. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surveillance From Rise of the Drones Meet a new breed of flying robots, from tiny swarming vehicles to giant unmanned planes. Aired January 23, 2013 on PBS http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/military/rise-of-the-drones.html

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Worlds Longest Super Zoom Camera 40 Km Mega Zoom
I am not good at handling such high zoom cameras sorry for that. This is a beautiful view from Singapore to Indonesia I.e the hills and blur buildings are in indonesia : Camera used is Powershot sx60 hs, The distance between singapore and indonesia is estimated roughly 40 KM.

1000000000000 FPS (1 TRILLION) Ultra High-Speed Camera HD SLOWEST SLOW MOTION EVER!!!!!!

Worlds MOST FEARED DARPA Technology for US Military (Message to world) 2016
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80 Gigapixel Photo (London)