370Z Driving with the Ferrari's.

While sound asleep at 8 AM, I got a call that in 12 minutes, twenty Ferraris were heading to the top of the mountain then to Stinson Beach. Although I'd stayed up till 3 AM, I decided I 'd get dressed and drive along for half an hour. I still need to go to work at 11 AM. I catch a few in the group, and while they pull off to look at their directions I assure them I know the way. They follow. Well, apparently my info was not perfect but I had a blast. Sorry for the bad info to you Ferrari guys. At least it was a good drive, not like I placed you in stop and go freeway traffic. Same drive different day - http://youtu.be/ILJaerKdRPY

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370z with muffler removed
As the title says

New370Z 3.SynchroRev Match
6速MTには、世界初となるシンクロレブコントロールを備 える。このシステムは、ドライバーのクラッチ操作およ びシフト操作を検知して、自動的に最適なエンジン回転 数に合わせるもの。これにより、シフトダウン時にはヒ ール&トゥが不要となり、なおかつスムーズで燃費的に も優れた変速を誰にでも可能にしている。

Adam's Nissan 370z - start and rev
A walk around of my nissan 370z - 18,000 miles and for sale. $29,000. Has stillen cold air intake and Exhaust

Nissan 370Z Speed Limit Canceler by Young Motors(390km/h)
Nissan 370Z Speed Limit Canceler(S.L.C) by Young Motors**www.Young-Motors.com**www.0motors.co.kr**:+:+:+Test Car was on the lift+:+:+: