Hyundai Elantra vs Acura Integra (Race 2)

Decided to race my daily beater on a dead night at the races. Guy wanted rematch. Thought he could win if he launched early. Passed him around 80-85mph :) Comment Please

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Elantra stunt team
Elantra stunt team

Hyundai Elantra ripping it on the track
Hyundai Elantra FF 1600cc GDI 138ps 1240kg Hankook RS3 at Korea Speed festival. Video and driving by 3Jinn. Thanks for allowing me to use this video. Check out his channel for more videos of this Hyundai and his BMW 318is. The link is down below. 3Jinn

2007 mustang GT vs hyundai Elantra
Mustang GT 1/4 = 13.73 hyundai Elantra 1/4 = 18.08 Recorded with the GoPro HD Hero 960

Hyundai’s redesigned compact is longer, wider, and taller than the present generation, while its wheelbase remains the same. Styling comes directly from recently remodeled Hyundai vehicles like the 2015 Sonata and Genesis, meaning a large hexagonal grille dominates the 2016 Avante’s face, with updated headlights and LED daytime running lights. The side view is a bit more similar to the current Avante/Elantra, with the addition of a sloping roofline, new alloy wheels, and chromed door handles on higher trims. At the rear, the taillights have been modestly updated to appear slimmer, while a new trunk lid spoiler and shark fin antenna have been tacked on.