327 Teardown - Bottom End all Banged Up!

Final teardown of 327. Smashed and trashed.

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Funny Out takes.....Oops and Best of Final Damage Report
Bigger is better?

327 Damage Report - Camshaft Pieces Falling Out
Teardown of top end of 327.

Distributor Install on Chevy Small Block
Finding #1 firing position and Installing Old School distributor on Chevy Small Block.This video will only get the timing close enough to get the engine started. The timing still needs to be fine tuned after the engine is running. Disclaimer: To the best of my knowledge this video is accurate. I am in no way responsible for any occurance resulting from following the instructions in this video.

Smokin' 4x4 Chevy Damage Report
What all the smoke was about at the Summer Mudfest! Gopher Dunes Ontario 2010.