Street legal drag race at Fredrikstad 2009, Chevrolet Chevelle

A Norwegian street legal dragrace. Fantastic cars and beatiful weather! Oh it´s such a perfect day !

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street legal drag racing i Brumunddal. norway. 11.05.2013
jeg tok noen bilder av depoet og kikka litt på alle bilene som hadde møtt opp til street legal. mange fine biler hadde møtt opp her ja. I took some pictures of the depot and looked a bit on all the cars that were in place for street legal. many nice cars were in here, yes. so I took and filmed all the cars I saw on the site. hope you enjoy the movie.

My first wheelie !!! 65 Chevelle
60: 1,634 1/8: 7,321 1/4: 11,55 Best 60 of the day but the most important, there´s definetely some air under that tire ;) red light, missed shift etc but I GOT SOME AIR lol Btw it was my first time at the track. Got some cleaner runs, but ths is the best 60 foot.

Street Legal Fredrikstad 2007
Her er filmklipp fra Street Legal løpet i fredrikstad Juni 2007. for mer info og resultatlister se

Street Legal Drag Racing
A collection of burn-outs and drag racing clips from our local drag strip. It was a Friday evening open track day - hence the crazy mix of cars!