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Old Rusty Ford Zephyr and Consul slide show.

Take a look if you like rusty old cars sitting around for years waiting for there final fate. A tribute to Hank Williams God rest his soul. To find out more about this great singer follow this link http://www.hankwilliams.com/ Also follow this link to find out about these cars. http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/fordzephyrzodiacconsul/


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Ford Zodiac and Aston Martin getaway cars.
Old British black and white movie { short}. Lots of old cars and action in this classic British comedy starring the late Peter Sellers.Watch out for the Aston Martin flying through the air and speeding down the roads. Also follow this link to find out about these cars. http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/fordzephyrzodiacconsul/

Ford Zephyr Six Dyno Test
Ford Zephyr Six with Raymond Mays cylinder head. Tested on a Dyno.

Your Automatic Choice (Ford Zephyr & Zodiac) - 1961
It's tempting to think of automatic transmission as a modern invention, but it isn't. This film, made by renowned film-maker Bill Mason, was commissioned by Ford 50 years ago to promote the auto option they were offering on the Zephyr and Zodiac range of cars. It gives a simple explanation of how the auto-box works, and then gives a tutorial on how to use it, finishing by asking "Who on earth wanted a third pedal anyway?"

Ford Zephyr Mk I Flat Dash 1952
Rare 1952 Mk I Zephyr flat dash has been a work horse all of its life in the hard dry and barren desert lands of South Australia. Also follow this link to find out about these cars. http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/fordzephyrzodiacconsul/

Forgotten cars
A compilation of cars whose glory days have long since departed.

Ford Zephyr parts or project ?
Walk around of the classic 1958 ford zephyr for parts i have for sale on Ebay. Item # 280741166498

Original Mk2 Ford Zephyr
As it says and shows in the video this is our original mk 2 ford zephyr, everything is original including tthe paint job!

Car Graveyard
Some classic abandoned American cars sitting in a backyard. These pictures were shot in Utah in a little town called Loa.

Zephyr Mk II ( N.Z.) movie shorts.
Young local lads in a Ford Zephyr go looking for a long lost relative in their home land of New Zealand. Buy this movie online at http://www.nzonscreen.com/search?search_text=zephyr

Old Ford - 1956 Zephyr Six sedan.(Australian assembled)
This is the 1956 Mk II Zephyr. A rare car now and was only made from February to October 1956 before an update model. The rear panel between the tail lights is a flat panel. The update model has 4 ridges pressed into that same panel. This was done to stop the drumming sound that the flat panel produced at certain speeds.This particular car has done very low mileage and is almost complety rust free and was assembled in Australia.The Zephyr is in original condition.

Racing Zephyr 6 @ Lakeside Raceway
Mk II Zephyr 6 racing at Historic Lakeside Raceway in Q.L.D. Australia. With a Raymond Mays head and Overdrive gearbox the Mk II was put in a Modified class and up against much more powerful muscle cars along with much smaller cars as well. The roar of the Zephyr 6 is clear on the sound track so if you like the sounds of hot engines under pressure .. TURN IT UP !!!! This clip is from a collection of videos that I took over a number of years. I will be including some Super Eight movie footage and much of it includes the First and early Zephyr Car Club runs from the early 1970's. Subscribe to my channel ( cost nothing ) and receive up dates to whenever I upload new clips. Also follow this link to find out about these cars. http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/fordzephyrzodiacconsul/ Cheers ... Dan

Ford Consul Convertible in No My Darling Daughter
Old English black and white movie and one of those pleasant mannered comedies that occasionally aired. A nice little British romance from the early 60 "Young girl falls for slightly older guy who apparently doesn't even notice her." This is the type if film that is rarely aired these days, if ever. While the plot may seem predictable, the actors and the characters are great. In my opinion the cast alone is a strong recommendation for viewing this gem. While the names Redgrave and Mills are both staples of the British stage and Cinema, Michael Craig was also a heavy hitter in the early 60s. To find more details about this film follow this link http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0055235/usercomments Also follow this link to find out about these cars. http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/fordzephyrzodiacconsul/

Indiana Classic Car Barn Find
Purchased from an estate. These cars were in a heated garage since new. They had a caretaker that kept the garage heated at all times.

ford consul with chevy v8
starting up my consul v8.... sorry about the sound quality, think the noise overwelmed the microphone. specs are: chevy 350 block edelbrock performer rpm heads with 2.02/1.6 comp cams forged roller rockers comp cams magnum hardened +.100 pushrods edelbrock performer rpm manifold edelbrock 750cfm carb forged speed pro flat top pistons c.r 10-1 forged scat rods forged eagle crank comp cams 286h magnum cam nos sniper 200hp shot of gas with 10lb bottle mallory unilite distributer with hyfire4 box sanderson stainless shorty hugger headers high volume oil pump double capacity sump arp bolts throughout mated to tci th350 auto via jw 3800 stall convertor to narrowed volvo 240 axle with 3.93 gears and true trac diff unit.

Zephyr Mk1 1954
This Mk1 English Ford came out in 1950 and was years ahead of it's time with the three box design, OHV engine, McPherson Suspension, and wheels you can still find tires for. When the Mk3 came out in 1962, Ford Australia had to decide which car to produce in competition with Holden. They decided to go with the American Ford Falcon. Had the decision gone the other way,It would have been the Falcon's name that would have been lost in history.

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