G35 Sedan Stillen Exhaust With Megan Resonated Test Pipes

005 G35 Sedan with a Stillen Exhaust and Megan Resonated Test Pipes.

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2006 G35 Sedan Tanabe Medalion Exhaust
Here is my 2006 Infiniti G35 Sedan with a Tanabe Medalion Touring Y-Back Exhaust system. The car also has a 350z HR Y pipe installed

G35 Coupe - Ark Grip Exhaust V1 w/ Resonated Test Pipes
Got a cleaner camera. Revving that G. Hissing noise is from the Megan resonated test pipes.

How to install a Stillen Exhaust on a Nissan Juke
www.performancefrog.com In this video we show you how to install a Stillen axle back Exhaust onto a Nissan Juke. www.stillen.com Any questions please tweet us @performancefrog or message us on www.facebook.com/performancefrog Presented by: Simon Robinson Filmed by: Simon Robinson Music: Savoy & Heather Bright - We Are The Sun The Only - Drag Me Down (Nari & Milani Remix)