G35 Sedan Stillen Exhaust With Megan Resonated Test Pipes

005 G35 Sedan with a Stillen Exhaust and Megan Resonated Test Pipes.

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Revup G35 VS HR G35 Sedan
Flapping noise at beginning is my splash shield dragging on the ground... -.- Good runs though with cop waiting for us at the end lol

Infiniti G35 Stock exhaust w/ Megan Test Pipes
kinda raspy due to Exhaust leak -_-

G35 sedan Megan oe-rs exhaust
Just installed Megan oers with an HR Y pipe and k&n short ram

2005 Infiniti G35 Sedan Megan Racing Test Pipes, M2 Y-Pipe, 2.5 Inch Custom Resonated Y Back
Y Back Exhaust Was Done Over, From 2.25 inch piping to 2.5 inch Piping Start up, Rev, Drive-By