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Clarion Builds Breathes New Life Into a Classic Set of BBS RS Wheels
The team at VR Wheels in Los Angeles completely restores a set of classic BBS RS wheels destined for the Clarion Builds' 1974 BMW 2002 restomod project. Clarion Builds' gold partner, Toyo Tires, wraps the newly resurrected rims in some Extensa HP rubber. Want to learn more about why Clarion Builds chose to restore the iconic BMW 2002? Want to be part of the adventure? Visit Today! If you are interested in learning more about the Toyo Extensa HP tires visit:

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Refinishing 3 Piece Wheels - Polishing Lips
Video Series Info: Part 1 (Splitting the Wheels): Part 2 (Polishing the Lips): Your Watching It Part 3 (Polishing the Bolts): Part 4 (Assembly): So in this video I show you how to polish the lip on your three piece wheel. This technique can be used on essentially all aluminum surfaces though, including the centers of your wheel, or any aluminum part on your car that you would want polished :) For the sanding, you can't cheat by using an electric sander, you need to have a nice grain and an electric sander is not going to cut it. For the polishing, you need something with a high rpm as well as a nice amount of torque, hence the angle grinder. A drill will not put out as much rpm nor will it have enough torque and strength to keep going for hours on end. And as for the main steps in the process: Strip to bare metal Wet sand with either medium and fine sanding blocks or 220,320,420,600,800,1000,1500,2000 grit wet sandpaper Use the denim buffing wheel with the brown Tripoli compound, do two runs, wipe clean with acetone/paint thinner Use the cotton sewn wheel with the white rouge compound, do two runs, wipe clean with acetone/paint thinner Buff out your awesomeness using Mother's Mag and Aluminum Polish Enjoy! Now if you want to know what I used here is the list of the main components: Angle grinder: Sanding Blocks: Medium: -sponges-46752.html Fine: ponges-46753.html Buffing Wheels: d=-1&storeId=10051&catalogId=10053 Polishing Compound Set: ckType=G1 Mother's Mag and Aluminum Polish: (get it at PepBoys) **To fit the buffing wheels listed on the grinder listed:** All I did was widen the hole of the buffing wheel with an X-Acto / hobby knife, by cutting some of the material, until it was wide enough to the point where I could thread the wheel onto the grinder. It's takes about 10 minutes to do and makes for a cost effective setup. Music: Scheming Weasel - Kevin Macleod Merchandise : Instagram: offbeat_garage Facebook:

Offset is Everything at Nisei Showoff » Cali Car Scene #10
Aggressive wheel fitment and drop seemed to be the theme of The Last Nisei Showoff. Southern Cali's best street cars show that OFFSET is everything.