Ford Anglia 100e

Out for a drive. Only post negative comments if you admit to being 'lame'. Its in Black and White, go ahead! :)

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GEOFF DRIVING OUR 1958 FORD PREFECT 100E Battlesbridge classic car show Essex
Here is Geoff driving our 1958 Ford Prefect 100E at Battlesbridge classic car show, Essex, England. Geoff somehow manages to film himself whilst driving the car. It gives you all a different perspective, seeing and hearing it from the actual driving seat. The engine sounds are nice and clear. I have made more videos of the outside of our car here on Youtube.

1966 Ford Anglia
Forget all your new-fangled gadgets. Forget performance, and unfortunately you safety too, but this is what motoring's all about! What a great experience...

offset mounts 100e
mount fitted and welds polished

Five Stars Ahead (Ford Anglia & Prefect) - 1952
This is the 1952 launch film for the new E100A Ford Anglia and Prefect range. Shot in 35mm, this film has some lovely shots of Ford's design studios, the factory at Dagenham, the prototypes undergoing testing, and finishes with the new cars being used by delighted families. Filled with optimism, this film captures the mood of motoring from the time, where the country was emerging from the post-war gloom days and looking to a brighter new future.