Fiat Uno Turbo Vs. Fiat Punto GT Turbo Drag Race 1/4 Mile Follow Us On FaceBook: Hungary - Tököl [2008 - 05 - 31] 1/4 Mile

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EPIC! Fiat Punto GT Turbo VS Fiat Uno Turbo I.E. Drag Race on 1/4 Mile
Thanks for Watching, Subscribe to Channel and Leave a Big Like! Like me on: Facebook: Google+ : View the video in "HD video 1080p" to appreciate it better. Epic Drag Race challenge between two italians legends! The Fiat Punto GT turbo Black VS Fiat Uno turbo I.E. Black

UNO TURBo 1400cc 28rs VS PuntoGT 1600 28rs
Low Boost run. Punto ~1.1bar Vs UNo 1.55bar Second High Boost Run Punto 1.65bar Vs UNo 1.9bar Dyno Graphs UNO turbo 260ps PUNTO 304ps