Nitrous LT1 Camaro 6 Speed 9.68@141 mph - Taner Bosnali Powershifting at its best.

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What's it like driving a N/A 500 RWHP LT-1 6-speed 1996 Camaro SS?
Street driving and racing a N/A LT-1 Camaro SS. 500 RWHP Pump gas, 8,000 RPM redline, 6-speed manual transmissino.

1.36 60' LT1 pulling huge wheelies
Matt's 383 LT1, AFR195s, Single plane, TH350, and a 100 shot of Nitrous

JAYZ28 LT1 Nitrous Run
LT1 Camaro On Juice

Camaro on Nos and a lot of it wow
This Camaro puts the nos on the map huge cloud and thats befor he destroys the other Camaro