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Chevrolet Volt Highway Test Drive

Driving an early model Chevrolet Volt on the highways outside of New York City.


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Chevrolet Volt Test Drive Impressions
After a five hour stint with the Volt, I offer up some impressions. Driven from downtown Los Angeles, up to Mulholland Drive and then to the Angeles National Forest.

Rich McFadden test drives the 2011 Chevy Volt for the Radio America and Good Day listeners

Chevrolet Volt Prototype Test Drive - LeftlaneNews.com
An in-depth report on the Chevrolet Volt by LeftlaneNews.com. Visit Leftlane daily for the latest car news, reviews, interviews, videos, and more. music by http://www.reverbnation.com/theroybendoybens

Plug In America Test Drives The Chevy Volt
GM invited Plug In America to test drive a preproduction Chevrolet Volt. In this video, Stefano Paris, Colby Trudeau, and Paul Scott test drive the car while Volt Chief Engineer Tony Posawatz answers questions. Then, Tony answers questions from the whole Plug In America team. For more information on the Chevy Volt, visit http://www.chevyvolt.com For more information on Plug In Vehicles, visit http://www.pluginamerica.org Words & Music by Sarah Spiegel/Eddie Hedges http://www.sarahspiegel.com

Chevy Volt - 9 Months and 9000 miles with this amazing GM hybrid electric car [Review]
http://www.redferret.net/?p=34759 .The Chevy Volt is charging ahead in the electrifying battle to become the #1 plug in hybrid. OK, so how cheesy an opening is that, but the reality is that for the first time since the horse drawn carriage, gasoline is slowly becoming more of an optional part of the personal transportation equation. At least that's the way it seems right now...gas powered skateboards may change the balance once again if they get popular. But I digress. The Volt isn't the first electric car, nor is it the sportiest (hello Fisker Karma), or the one with furthest range (nice to meet you Tesla Model S), the cheapest, the largest, the shiniest, and it can't make balloon animals. However...it is definitely a landmark vehicle. The Chevy Volt is simply the most practical plug in hybrid ever created, and I am not surprised that it won the European Car of the Year at the Geneva Motor Show this summer (http://www.wired.com/autopia/2012/03/volt-ampera-europe-car-year/). It combines a 35-40 mile electric range with a surprisingly agile internal combustion engine (aka "gas engine"). Of course, electric driving range is just one feature, even a golf cart can stagger a few miles on an electric charge. The Volt however manages to combine plug-in technology and practicality in a fun-to-drive package, and the result is a vehicle which achieves a phenomenal gas mileage while at the same time offering conventional sedan style comfort and style. And what other car comes with not just one, but two smartphone apps to keep you informed and in touch with your vehicle? Most importantly, you don't need to worry about running out of battery charge half way to your destination, as with other electric vehicles. We definitely haven't seen the last of this kind of imaginative and innovative technology. Check out my video review below which bursts quite a number of myth balloons about this brave engineering gamble from General Motors. More at www.redferret.net

Hybrid Electric Comparison: Chevy Volt vs Nissan Leaf
This is my review of the 2013 Nissan Leaf and 2013 Chevrolet Volt. Both excellent cars and considered near full mode electric drive. Volt offer 40 miles of electric drive with an on-board gas engine generator to get you distance driving. The Nissan Leaf offers 100 miles on electric however has limited range.

Chevy Volt Mule Test Drive
GM-Volt.com founder Lyle Dennis gets behind the wheel of a Chevy Volt developmental prototype vehicle and takes it for a few laps around GM's Milford Proving Grounds test track.

Chevy Volt Road Review
In the summer 2011 issue of MyTekLife magazine, we review the 2011 Chevy Volt. MyTekLifeTV host Warren Jones takes us for a drive in Chevy's latest innovation - http://www.myteklife.com

Tour Of My Chevy Volt
Check out my long range review here: http://ctnewsjunkie.com/ctnj.php/tech/entry/analysis_three_months_in_chevy_ volt_does_not_disappoint/ A brief tour of my new Chevy Volt. Shot and edited on an iPhone 4.

DRIVE- 2011 Chevrolet Volt
Unless you've been isolated in a yurt distilling organic fuel for your bio-diesel hybrid, it's been tough to miss the hype of the Chevrolet Volt. The extended range electric vehicle is now available in select markets. Tom Voelk takes a look to see if it's worth getting amped up over.

GM VOLT is a HOAX, and why people think so
The VOLT is a HOAX. If GM were serious, it would first admit that past Electric cars, such as the EV1, RAV4-EV and HondaEV, were successful and worked well, were beloved by their drivers, and didn't have any problem with "RANGE" or "RECHARGE". In fact, there were no problems with the EV1 or any other Electric car except the fact that the Alliance of Auto Makers (AAM) members were unwilling to sell them to willing buyers. Unique to auto sales, the AAM just would not let go of EVs, insisting on keeping their mitts into the panties of EV buyers, controlling the EV, keeping it and refusing to alienate it by selling it. If GM were honest, it would admit that the EV1 didn't have a range problem, wasn't turned in because it took too long to charge, and there weren't drivers sitting on tenterhooks afraid of running out of juice. All those "reasons" were just plain false, and, if repeated by GM, just plain lies. Secondly, IF GM were serious and the VOLT were not a HOAX, GM would look to past experience: instead of waiting for the perfect battery, past SUCCESSFUL EVs were started with the batteries that existed, and later upgraded to better batteries. GM carefully defines the VOLT as a 40-mile-range Electric car with a range-extending genset, what Alan Cocconi used to call a "Long Ranger" which he had mounted in a trailer for hooking onto the T-zero (successor to the EV1) for long trips. This trailer was so sophisticated, it just plugged into the EV and had automatic backing software built into the system. GM supposedly can't produce a 40-mile-range Electric car without using $20,000 Lithium batteries that don't yet exist. RAV4-EV and HondaEV: the first versions had lead-acid batteries, later upgraded to NiMH. S10E: This Chevy electric truck first came out using lead, then was upgraded to NiMH. RangerEV: Ford's electric pickup came out using lead, then upgraded to NiMH. If the VOLT were not a HOAX, GM would issue it with LEAD batteries, which is all you need for 100 miles all-electric range, and which are very cheap (as proven by the 1997 and 1999 lead-version EV1, which got over 100 miles range on the PSB EV-EC 1260 lead-acid battery). But the VOLT, is a HOAX, for these exact reasons. GM is supposedly waiting for a battery that does not exist; they are just delaying until the price of gas comes down. Now let's see if 8 kWh of golf-cart batteries would run the VOLT for 15-miles of all-electric range. These batteries RETAIL for $1600 for the entire 8 kWh, and last over 50,000 miles. They recycle. Each kWh yields 3 to 6 miles, so if you only use half of the 8 kWh, you have at least 12 and possibly 24 all-electric miles; if you use all, you have over 20 to perhaps 40 miles all-electric range. Now let's look at the weight; the 20 to 40-mile range lead pack weighs 480 lbs (60 lbs. per battery, with racks); the supposed VOLT $20,000 16 kWh Lithium battery (8 kWh useable) weighs (in GM's imagination) over 400 lbs. and doesn't yet exist. So with the same weight, low cost, and the imperative of getting them on the road, you can see why successful EV makers in the past started with cheap lead batteries as proof-of-concept and to run them (some S10E and RangerEV are still using lead-acid to this day). Hence, GM is not serious, or is ignorant, or arrogantly denies the facts and the truth. Thus, the VOLT...is a HOAX.GM is postponing producing a plug-in car until 2011 or later; but it doesn't have a battery that's proven to work. The Extended Range Electric Vehicle (EREV) like the VOLT, a serial hybrid, only needs a 40 mile range. If GM were no on a hoax, it would, like all successful EVs, sell it with lead-acid batteries first, and then later upgrade to Nickel or Lithium. But the evidence is that GM is just waiting, hoping for the price of gas to come down and the whole Electric car thing will be dropped.

Chevy Volt Getting Started

Chevy Volt Driving: Sneak Peek @ LA Auto Show
GM brought the Chevrolet Volt to the Edmunds.com Santa Monica office to give Edmunds' employees a sneak peak at what GM is calling the production show car.

2012 Chevrolet Volt Start Up, Engine, Test Drive, and In Depth Review
In this video I give a full in depth tour of Chevrolet's newest extended range electric vehicle, the Chevrolet Volt. Introduced as a 2011 model in the northern states, the 2012 has a few minor quality and feature improvements. I take viewers on a close look through the interior and exterior of this car while showing details, over viewing of features, and noting unique styling cues to the vehicle itself. I also show the engine and the details of it, start it up and see how it sounds under acceleration. Take it on a thorough test drive through the city during the day as well as night time. A thorough tour/review of this car designed to give others a greater overall appreciation of the vehicle. Thanks a lot to Hendrick Chevrolet Cadillac in Monroe, NC for allowing me to make this video! For more information on this vehicle as well as others, visit www.hendrickchevy.com

Jay Leno Not Crazy About Volt - Autoline Daily 437
With so many auto factories being built in China, overcapacity could become a problem faster than anyone expected. Sales of used vehicles at auction are down for the first half of the year. President Obama test drives the Chevy Volt and comedian Jay Leno had some less than flattering things to say about it. All that and more, plus a look at the greatest gathering of Saab aficionados in the world.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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