Chevrolet Volt Highway Test Drive

Driving an early model Chevrolet Volt on the highways outside of New York City.

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HD Chevrolet Volt Test Drive
Test drive of the new Chevy Volt, in West Nyack, NY, around a tiny parking lot course. Some detailed discussion of the features.

TRANSLOGIC 20: Chevy Volt Test Drive
We finally get our chance behind the wheel of the much anticipated Chevrolet Volt. Bradley hits the test track at GM's top secret proving grounds to see what Chevy's new electric ride is made of. Explore TRANSLOGIC @

AutoTech - 2013 Chevrolet Volt Review - Feast your eyes on the latest marvel of GM EV engineering, the 2013 Chevrolet Volt. The Volt is loaded wit new tech and features including LCD dashboards, on-board computers, and kinetic energy renewal. Huge thanks to GM for letting me drive it around for a week, looking forward to picking up the Chevrolet Spark for review this week. What was under that blur?: .-2207520000.1358268413&type=3&theater Thank's for watching!

Self Charging Chevy Volt
This was an exparament to see how quickly the on board generator on the Chevy Volt will recharge the battery. Say what you say, the volt doesn't recharge it's own battery. Well it can, to 40% to be exact, and in the name of science, I am going to prove it. There is no reason to ever do this, as it would cost much more to charge the battery this way, but if the computer would allow it, the on board generator could bring the car to a full charge in 40 minutes. A 10 minute run used 1 liter of gas, as provided 10 miles (16KM) of electric range. There for a 40 minute run should provide a full charge, but as expected, the engine only charged the battery to the 14-15 mile range, as it shut down at exactly 15 minutes. Now all they need is a DC "output" port so volt drivers could provie a mobile charge solution to those less fortunate drivers that run their Leafs flat on the freeway!