SPA francorchamps Group C Qualifing 2011 Bob Berridge Mercedes C11 2:05 sec

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Porsche 934.5 Spa Classic 2011
Our Porsche 934.5 at the 2011 Spa Classic race. It had rained prior to the race and we made the decision to start on slicks while everyone else stuck with rain tires apart from one RSR (he won). Our strategy would have worked as the track dried up very quickly and every team had to pit for slicks. Our first driver got aggressive too early, no excuse as we were so much faster. He touched the curb on the inside which is like ice when wet, and that was that. The damage is minimal, and we hope to have it back on the track within 1-2 months.

mercedes benz c11 lemans 2012 310kph qualifying blowout
mercedes benz c11 lemans 2012 310kph qualifying blowout

Sauber C11 Ex - Schumacher - Start up, Flames, Brutal Sounds at Spa
Facebook: Google+: Engine: Mercedes-Benz M119 HL 90ยบ V8 Power: 730 bhp / 545 KW @ 7000 rpm Torque: 820 Nm / 605 ft lbs @ 3500 rpm Gearbox: 5 speed Manual Chasis: 5 speed Manual Weight: 905 kilo / 1995.2 lbs

Group C Mazda 767b Dyno Test what a noise..
Mazda Group C 767b having a check on the Dyno today.. 9000rpm what a noise! my ears are still ringing.