Performance ATV at Mud Nationals 2011

Jus another mud nationals

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Jody and Brent playn in pond at Gator Country

Mud Nationals 2011
finally uploading the video from our trip to Mud Nationals 2011 at Mud Creek Off Road in Jacksonville, TX.. you can view this video in 1080p HD. MUSIC IS BRANTLEY GILBERT - "KICK IT IN THE STICKS" & "TAKE IT OUTSIDE" **Posting comments has been disabled for this video because I am tired of getting comments with foul language and asking about the music. It has been asked and answered MANY times.** to my subscribers, sorry for the lack of videos at the moment.. until we get some rain, we wont be doing much riding! I do not own any of the music in this video. No copyright infringement intended.

Performance Atv at Sabine Atv Memorial Weekend
Few of us out at sabine atv for memorial weekend......Made use of what mud and water that was out there......needed some rain bad....

HELL ON WHEELS Soggy Bottom Boyz - Brantley Gilbert
Kick It In The Sticks Part 2 "Hell On Wheels" by Brantley Gilbert & The Soggy Bottom Boyz clownin at Canal Rd. Ride It Like You Stole It...