2006 Pontiac GTO 900+HP

This is my buddies 2006 Pontiac GTO. This thing is UNREAL. Just about anything and everything you can do to a GTO is done and it is still street legal. Car has no problem hooking up. It is a amazing piece of work. It has a F1-C Procharger on it. If you look at my other videos there is no comparison to what this thing use to be to what it is now. Oh yea and that damn F1-C is ear piercing loud.

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2006 Pontiac GTO Procharged F1-C Procharger
The new and improved goat. F1C Procharger, Moser M9 rearend with torque arm, full spool, 345 mickey tires, mini tub, roll cage, Big Stuff 3, Everything that you can do to a GTO all the go fast goodies. Did i mention its still street driveable

1997 Regular cab short bed 12 valve cummins
This was the first day i got this truck. I Just took a video for the heck of it. Truck was completely stock other then having the silencer ring removed. and the straight Exhaust. And yes it is a 3/4 ton the frame had about 16 inches cut off of it.

Bagged Dodge ram
I had this truck for a very short time. This is when I had just got done rewiring the switches and redoing all air lines. This was a 1998 dodge ram 1500 Reg. Cab Short Bed. It was painted Buick White Diamond. It had a CCE 10 switch box and 2 Five gallon air tanks 1/2 inch lines,and a york 310 engine driven compressor. It was fun while I had it. It laid all the way out , but in this video in the bay in the garage had an in ground rack. I just wanted to make sure it all worked and I didn't mess the wiring up.

1000 HP Supercharged Pontiac GTO
the full story of my babe since i got it untill now and still going on the strongest street lumina ss in UAE .