Bike Week 2013 Main Streeet Station, Biker Falls on Main Street

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Bike Week 2013 Cabbage Patch Wet T-Shirt Contest

"Shooting Beavers" at Daytona Bike Week 2013
Daytona Bike Week 2013. Roaming around Thunder alley to watch Daytona Bike Week's Thunder Alley Bikini Contest. Main Street action at Dirty Harry's, Main Street Station. More Beer Girls and Bikini's. Posers, and a great beaver shot. Main St. Parade of Crazy Bikers. HD.

Daytona Bike Week YouTube - HELL yes!
Daytona Bikeweek on YouTube. This is the 75th Anniversary for Bikeweek and the crowd was unbelievable. Main St was electric with bikers and party goers. Don't miss Part #2 "Main St. BlowOut" for more. Too much good stuff to get on one video.

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