Armed Homeowner Shoots Robbers During Daytime Invasion (AZ) When four armed criminals boldly invaded a house in broad daylight, the homeowner quickly changed their minds by firing on them from inside the home, wounding one. The would-be intruders quickly reversed course and fled as the homeowner's private video security system captured the scene. Thanks to alextripp87 for the link. Video is from KVOA: For more stories of armed self-defense, visit

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Carjacker Shot by Armed Citizen *Graphic Content* We know this video has been around for awhile but its worth watching if you haven't seen it yet. From what we can tell it was filmed by a security camera in Venezuela. This video begs the question, "What would you do in this situation"?

Jewelry Vendor Shoots Robbers (*Disturbing Images*) While on business, a jewelry courier was attacked by four armed crooks who had been following him. The man, a 62-year-old Alabama-based vendor, was licensed to carry a concealed weapon, which he drew on the would-be robbers, injuring two. The other two criminals fled. Tennessee recognizes Alabama concealed weapon permits. Video from Eyewitness News: -ave-office-building/wskWE46sSkCUOij9Ut6EFg.cspx For more stories of armed self-defense, visit:

JUSTICE IS SERVED, ROBBERS SHOT AND CAUGHT COMPILATION of 2015! MUST SEE VERY IMPORTANT THIS VIDEO CONTAINS SEEN THAT ONLY ADULTS 21 YEARS AND OLDER CAN WATCH IT. الرجاء زيارة قناتي الجديدة والاشتراك لمشاهدة اجمل الفديوهات واعطائي رأيكم Please visit my new channel and subscribe. Please send me your comments. The Channel it is well organized and has many videos that you will love. Important: This video is not for distribution. This video created for sharing with friends ONLY. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 Chapter 1 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for -fair use- for purposes of educational, tutoring, discussion, comments, and for non profit. Contact the distributor if you wish for other reasons. IMPORTANT: If you find any issue in this video, please contact me first. ارجو الاتصال بي اولا اذا عندك اعتراض او ملاحظات لحل الموضوع ولمصلحة الطرفين. هذا الفديو لمشاركة الاصدقاء وليس للتوزيع. اتصل بالموزع او الفنان اذا اردت استعماله لاغراض اخرى. Please Choose Like & Subscribe رجاءأ الاشتراك واختيار لايك الرجاء المتابعة لمشاهدة الفديوهات الاخرى عالية الجودة Please Subscribe To Watch Other HD Videos And Add Comments Best Of Zap Epic Funny Wins,Fails,Awesome Wins,Fails Compilation,Noob Fail,BEST OF,robbery fail,Best Fail,Ultimate Fail,Fails Compilation,Sport Fails,Best Funny Fail,Fail Compilation,Moments,Epic,Winter Fails,CrazyFails,Super Funny Fail Compilation,Robbery Fails Compilation,LoL Fails,Lol,Great Wins Camera,Crime,Robbery,Closed-circuit Television Camera,Television,Police,Closed-circuit Television,Police Officer,Out,Check,Romeo,Hidden,Robbery,Popular Culture (Media Genre),Police Officer (Film Character),Juliet,Helmet

5 Worst Robbery Fails Caught CCTV (Stupid People)
America's Dumbest Criminals Some of the top funny and worst robbery thieves caught on CCTV fail ever from different countries. Hope you enjoy it!! No one of those video are prank robbery all of them are real caught on CCTV. ================================== ✪Like Us on Facebook To receive our latest updates Follow Us: More Top List Music: ~ ❤ Don't forget to Like & Share the video if you enjoy it! Subscribe To receive all Our Last Videos FIRST!! * IF ANY PRODUCER HAS AN ISSUE WITH ANY OF THE UPLOADS PLEASE DONT HESITATE TO CONTACT TOPBESTBOX (AT) GMAIL (DOT) COM AND I WILL DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY. ~ ================================== You want to be in the next TopBestBox videos? Well than send us your video and you could be in the next Top Best List. Send your video/s and details to